Winner of the 2016 Imadjinn Award for best SF novel!

A note from the author: 

A CROWD OF STARS had the longest gestation of any story I’ve written.  It started life about 25 years before its eventual publication, as a short novel titled A SHADOW OF HONOR, which I soon abandoned.  About ten years later, I attempted a longer version which I never finished.

Eventually I decided to try a graphic novel version, paring the story down to its basics -- the story of starcraft commander Jon Hendrik of the Earth Alliance and Rachel Adero of the Star Rebellion.  The decisions they made ending up mirroring one another, giving the story new resonance.

When the graphic novel didn’t work out, I realized it would work perfectly as a print novella.  

So, finally, here’s A CROWD OF STARS.  About all that remains of the original version is the core of Jon’s story, especially the first scene, in which Jon’s starcraft, the Solar Eagle, makes a desperate attempt to escape an enemy ship by making a close pass around a neutron star.

I hope it’s as exciting for you as it was harrowing for him, and I hope you enjoy the rest of A CROWD OF STARS!

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