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“A Glimpse of Splendor”  


“Swarming Korolev”         

“Splendor’s Laws”

“Splendor’s Truth”            

“No Traveller Returns”

“Preserving Splendor”

Introduction by Dr. Stanley Schmidt, editor of ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION

Don Sakers, ANALOG reviewer, on A GLIMPSE OF SPLENDOR:

“One of the best ways to get a fix of otherness is with expertly-conceived and well-depicted aliens...That’s why it’s such a joy to find an author who can do it well.

“Dave Creek is one of those authors.

“In between the four tales that tell the story of Splendor’s dilemma, we get to follow Mike Christopher on three adventures elsewhere in Creek’s rich galaxy. Just to show that Splendor wasn’t a fluke, Creek invents other aliens and exotic locales; there’s more than enough otherness here to satisfy any sf reader.”