Explorer Ethan Sun works to solve the mystery of how the ancient Oldavarian civilizations died!

As star systems collide, Mike Christopher could be the victim of treachery by alien “allies!”

An explosion on the Moon kills Dacia Stark’s parents and sends her on a quest to find the terrorist behind the crime!

This edition of the classic story of alien invasion features my introduction and commentary, along with his short story sequel, “The Adventure of the Martian Cylinder,” in which H.G. Wells meets Sherlock Holmes!

“Frontier ambassador” Chanda Kasmira awakens from hibernation, but not into the brighter future she’d hoped for!


Both the SF fan and the literati can join in praise of Ray Bradbury, a superb craftsman and storyteller whose lyricism and evocative prose bring to life a Mars that never was, except in his imagination -- and our dreams.

"(Dave Creek) provides perspectives that are both exhilarating and unnerving: intelligent whales swimming through the Jovian atmosphere, aliens who were forced to evacuate their homeworld and watch while it collided with a rogue planet . . . .

-- From the introduction by Jack McDevitt, author of the best-selling Priscilla Hutchins and Alex Benedict novels.

Mike Christopher returns to Earth to battle the Jenregar, but also faces a soul-crushing moral dilemma!

The award-winning space opera series in one volume! Includes:




Popular series characters Mike Christopher and Chanda Kasmira’s adventures begin!

Included: Chinese explorer Zheng He’s  alien encounter; the attempt to save a gigantic sea creature’s baby -- from the inside!

Acclaimed SF authors take us on new Trajectories!  Stories by Marianne J. Dyson, Bud Sparhawk, John F. Allen, and more!



"The Secret of Plainsville and Other Mysteries will have you sharing a roller coaster ride with police charged with solving the most challenging whodunits . . . You’ll be riding with good people doing bad things to avenge the past, to right wrongs. In the seat behind you on the coaster, you’ll find the person thrown into a hair-raising situation no one should ever experience."

-- From the introduction by Bill Noel, author of the best-selling FOLLY BEACH novels.

Ambassador Chanda Kasmira must defeat a rogue starship commander whose desire for power could destroy the Station of the Lost and the many races that live within it.

She must remain at her post even as the Earth itself come under attack by merciless aliens. Unless she saves the station, she might never find out what’s become of her childhood home and all of her family!

As an artificial Human, Mike Christopher was the target of hate and prejudice all his life. He fled the Earth to explore the galaxy. Still, decades later, he returned to help save his homeworld from an alien incursion.

Now he once again feels the pull of the stars, even as he aids another alien rac in its own battle to survive, begins a new love affair, and learns the tragic details of his own gestation and birth.

In an instant, Mike is torn between his commitment to his birth planet and once again becoming a WATCHER OF THE SKIES.