The stories here range from the previously-untold story of Chinese explorer Zheng He’s first contact with aliens to the attempt to save a gigantic sea creature’s baby -- from the inside!
Explorer Ethan Sun works to solve the mystery of how the ancient Oldavarian civilization died.
The stories in this collection focus on the popular characters Mike Christopher and Chanda Kasmira and their adventures on the endangered planet Splendor -- and beyond.

As two star systems are about to collide, explorer Mike Christopher and the crew of the Earth starship Asaph Hall rush to unlock their secrets.

But two alien races on the journey are keeping their own potentially deadly secrets.


During the Great Human War, Earth Alliance starcraft Captain Jon Hendrik vows to defeat the Star Rebellion; Rachel Adero, a young woman scarred by poverty, works to destroy the Earth Alliance.

Meanwhile, the ruler known only as the Eminence is pulling the strings on both sides of the conflict!

In this sequel to A CROWD OF STARS, Ambassador Jon Hendrik works to keep dueling political factions from re-igniting a global war.
An explosion in Tranquility City on the Moon kills Dacia Stark's parents and sends her on a quest to find Julian Walker, the terrorist who admitted to the crime.

This edition of the classic story of alien invasion features an introduction and commentary by Dave, along with his short story sequel, “The Adventure of the Martian Cylinder,” in which H.G. Wells meets Sherlock Holmes!

Today’s most talented SF authors take us on new TRAJECTORIES!  Stories by Marianne J. Dyson, Bud Sparhawk, John F. Allen, and many more!

Winner of the 2016 Imadjinn Award for best SF novel!
Winner of the 2018 Imadjinn Award for best SF novel!
A sneak attack leaves the starship Shen Kuo with half its crew dead and the ship adrift thousands of light-years from home. Captain Kiernan Taylor faces a return journey that could take decades and must seek a "shortcut" home even as he perceives the first glimmerings of a mutiny!

“Frontier ambassador” Chanda Kasmira is stripped of her authority after her latest effort to save the inhabitants of the planet Splendor from its coming destruction fails.

Disheartened, she places herself into a "long sleep," hoping to awaken decades later to a brighter future.

Instead, an even more difficult path lies ahead after CHANDA'S AWAKENING.


     In MARS ABIDES, Dave explains that both the SF fan and the literati can join in praise of Ray Douglas Bradbury, a superb craftsman and storyteller whose lyricism and evocative prose bring to life a Mars that never was, except in his imagination -- and our dreams.