Including A CROWD OF STARS, winner of the 2016 Imadjinn Award for bBest SF Novel, THE FALLEN SUN, and THE UNMOVING STARS, winner of the 2019 Imadjinn Award for Best SF Novel!

A CROWD OF STARS had the longest gestation of any story I’ve written.  It started life about 25 years before its eventual publication, as a short novel titled A SHADOW OF HONOR, which I soon abandoned.  About ten years later, I attempted a longer version which I never finished.

Eventually I decided to try a graphic novel version, paring the story down to its basics -- the story of starcraft commander Jon Hendrik of the Earth Alliance and Rachel Adero of the Star Rebellion.  The decisions they made ending up mirroring one another, giving the story new resonance.

When the graphic novel didn’t work out, I realized it would work perfectly as a print novella.  

So, finally, here’s A CROWD OF STARS.  About all that remains of the original version is the core of Jon’s story, especially the first scene, in which Jon’s starcraft, the Solar Eagle, makes a desperate attempt to escape an enemy ship by making a close pass around a neutron star.

I hope it’s as exciting for you as it was harrowing for him, and I hope you enjoy A CROWD OF STARS, the first part of the GREAT HUMAN WAR TRILOGY!!


The Great Human War is over, but the planet Demeter is far from peaceful.

In this sequel to A CROWD OF STARS, Ambassador Jon Hendrik works to keep dueling political factions from re-igniting that war.

When he and his lover Niva Tessler are kidnapped and Niva's family members are placed in danger, the conflict becomes all too personal.

While editing A CROWD OF STARS, I found myself wondering what might happen next to now-former starcraft commander Jon Hendrik.  I also wanted to examine the potential conflict between people who embraced a “post-scarcity” economy and those who feared it endangered their “traditional” values. 

That led me to place Jon in the unaccustomed role of ambassador, where he had to develop new skills to solve very different problems compared to his time as a military commander.

THE FALLEN SUN is a very different story from A CROWD OF STARS.  It’s not a war story, though it has plenty of action.  And I decided to focus only on Jon Hendrik, although the story also shows us the latest on other characters, including Rachel Adero, Mark Kinkaid, and the Eminence.

I hope you enjoy THE FALLEN SUN, the second part of the GREAT HUMAN WAR TRILOGY!

In the midst of a galactic war, a sneak attack leaves the starship Shen Kuo with half its crew dead and the ship itself crippled and adrift thousands of light-years from home. Now, with Captain Kiernan Taylor facing a return journey that could take decades, he must seek out a "shortcut" home even as he perceives the first glimmerings of a mutiny!

I hope you enjoy THE UNMOVING STARS, the third part of the GREAT HUMAN WAR TRILOGY!

"The Unmoving Stars is a gripping tale of humans fighting against time and vast interstellar distances to return home. Fans of Star Trek Voyager and The Lost Fleet will enjoy this series."

-- Jason Sanford, two-time Nebula Award finalist