An explosion in Tranquility City on the Moon kills 14-year-old Dacia Stark's parents and sends her on a quest to find Julian Walker, the terrorist who admitted to the crime.

Now a detective on Tranquility's police force, Dacia has seen more than her share of blood, death, and grief.  But that's only stiffened her resolve, not just to track Walker down -- but to kill him!

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A note from the author: 

TRANQUILITY is a “fix-up” novella which incorporates three stories about my character Dacia Stark along with additional material to create a larger narrative. 

“Remembering Rachel” was published in ANALOG’s April 2011 issue.  “Murder at Tranquility Base, appeared in the anthology FAR ORBIT APOGEE in October of 2015.  To these stories, I added a third, previously-unpublished, story, “Folding Horizons.”  Rather than publishing the typical collection, I saw connections among the stories that would allow me to tell a larger tale while exploring Dacia’s character in more depth.

Science fiction mysteries are always a challenge.  In the introduction to his collection ASIMOV’S MYSTERIES, Isaac Asimov explains that the writer must establish the science-fictional background of a story along with the mystery elements.  To do otherwise isn’t playing fair -- the writer could use a previously-unmentioned social or scientific development to solve the crime arbitrarily.

This is my attempt at constructing a story that operates within that tradition.  I hope you enjoy TRANQUILITY!